Equipment Decommissioning

enviro3We reclaim refrigerant from old air conditioning and refrigeration equipment that is due to be removed or decommissioned, preventing them from harming our environment due to ozone depletion and global warming.

Our environment is our most precious asset. Even today, refrigerants that can cause ozone depletion are still in use in older refrigeration equipment. Even the newer refrigerants cause damage to the environment by adding to the global warming effect. This is why it is important to recover refrigerants from systems that are due to be removed, and send the refrigerant for correct and safe destruction.

We offer a complete refrigerant recovery service which ensures that the gas is recovered safely and without loss to the atmosphere. All our engineers are trained in the correct handling and safe use of refrigerants and have current refrigerant safe handling certification.

Since our company was launched we have worked alongside other companies such as Ward Demolition to ensure the safe handling of refrigerants to protect both our environment and demolition crews.


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