HVAC Maintenance

hvac-service Ongoing maintenance is essential if you want your air conditioning and ventilation systems to “just work” all year round.

Most of the air conditioning faults that we repair have been caused by the snowball effect from a lack of simple maintenance. Maintaining your equipment properly can in most cases make breakdowns a thing of the past.

With a proactive maintenance schedule, issues can be found and fixed before they become a major problem. Air conditioning units are checked for correct operation, and the air filters and outlets are cleaned, sanitized, and where required, replaced. The working parts are thoroughly checked both mechanically and electrically, ensuring that the air conditioning runs safely and efficiently.

The correct sanitation procedures can in many cases reduce airborne bacteria from spreading rapidly through air conditioned buildings and will reduce the number of hours lost to common colds and viruses. In Some of the larger buildings this downtime saving can be quite immense.

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