Ducted Air Conditioning


What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

A ducted split air conditioner is suspended either in you roof cavity or under your floor depending on the construction of your particular home. This is then connected to an outdoor condenser unit by refrigerant pipes and an interconnecting cable.
Ducting then connects the indoor unit to each room of your home and warm or cool air is distributed by either ceiling, wall or floor grilles. Return air is drawn in from filtered return grilles back to the unit which is controlled from a centrally located controller with thermostat.

What are the benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is primarily a whole house option and is designed to keep your whole house at a temperature which is comfortable for you, as oppose to a high wall heat pump, which is a room air conditioner (RAC).
Ducted systems are extremely quiet and unobtrusive and with careful grille selection can be almost invisible within your home. Ducted systems are also whole house dehumidifiers, very economical to run and a suprisingly affordable way to heat or cool your whole house.

What are the drawbacks?

The only real drawbacks of a ducted system are that the temperature control is for the whole house which sometimes is not to everyones liking. Though differing room temperatures can be obtained by shutting off or opening certain grilles, the differential from the main controller is usually only by +/- 3*C. Also the initial outlay can sometimes be off putting dependant upon your expectations and budget.

What does it cost

Ducted systems are suprisingly affordable but price varies greatly dependant upon the size of unit, choice of grilles etc. Getting the right capacity unit is essential to ensure that your home is heated and cooled adequately and efficiently. We highly recommend having one of our experts conduct a free home survey and quotation, if you are considering a ducted option. Contact us now to arrange your free site visit and discuss which solution is right for you.

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