Solar Hot Water

Why Choose Solahart?

Installing a Solahart solar water heater will allow you use the sun’s free energy to heat your water. By using the sun’s free energy to heat your water, you can reduce your hot water energy consumption by a huge 50-90%. Imagine the savings in your energy bills every year. And as energy costs continue to rise you’ll be very glad you made the switch to solar.

How does it work?

The two main types of system are the Thermosiphon and the streamline split systems. The thermosiphon system has a roof mounted hot water cylinder coupled closely to the collector panels, whereas the streamline system only has the collector panels on the roof with a remote cylinder connected by pipework. In the case of the thermosiphon system, the Solar collecter panels collect and absorb natural solar radiation, which then heats the glycol that flows around the jacket of the cylinder transferring this heat to the water in the cylinder.
With the streamline system, water is pumped to the panels which then heats and flows back to the hot water storage cylinder.

Why Choose us for Solar?

We have a long standing relationship with Solar Group and are accredited solar Installers. As well as being able to provide a competitive quotation we are able to install the product directly, which means that you can be assured of a solar installation that meets our own exacting standards.

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